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Kitchen cabinets 2018
Tulip wood, Slate worktop, Copper sink, Nickle taps, Cork, Douglas fir, Birch plywood + Appliances

A long bank of cabinets moving through a working kitchen area into open plan dining area. The challenge to design a well functioning kitchen is made easier when there is a lot of space, but you still want a compact relationship between the main prep area, the hob and key appliances at it's centre to make it a good place to cook. Features include the flush fitting gas hob, with storage for pots and pans directly beneath and the Douglas fir drying rack for items not destined for the dishwasher. A Cork backsplash combines with the mottled appearance of the hand beaten copper sink to add some texture to the material palette and the welsh slate worktop is honed to a beautiful matt finish to bring it all together.

Photo credit Michele Panzeri