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Wood Lamination Plywood: an assembly of at least three veneer layers, each layer laid cross grain. Laminated wood: is also an assembly of layers of wood ; however the layers are laid so the grains run in the same direction. Laminating wood creates a beautiful visual detail, offers increased strength and the ability to work with structural curves in wood. Building form through laminating offers different possibilities to designers and architects working with wood. Inspired by the structural possibilities offered by this process, in 2006 I was awarded a 3 month residency at the even more inspirational Cove Park which gave me the opportunity to explore further my interest in layering wood. By combining species and introducing materials such as cork and rubber, my research there helped me to learn more about the possibilities of this fantastic woodworking technique. See Lounge Chair, Cove Park mobile, Laminated shelves, Haystack bench, Walnut bench and Cork bedside shelves for examples of this technique.