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Carbon Prints

The Building Centre, Store Street, London, 2021.

Conversations about Climate Change, was an exhibition in association with the UK's, Timber Trade Federation. It focused on the issues surrounding the timber industry's use of tropical species and the certification processes that attempt to promote sustainable practice - in particular the EU backed FLEGT scheme.

My response was to highlight the Carbon content in the woods concerned. I did this by charring a stack of blocks of each wood, etched with information regarding the; species, origin and CO2 value - installed in a way as to evoke bullion or precious stockpiled wealth. And I made a work station from which visitors to the exhibit could assemble the blocks, make a rubbing and take away a print.

The charred blocks, the charcoal crayon and the rubbing, created a cycle of the carbon in the wood, evocative of the carbon cycle of the tree.

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