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Modular Sideboard

Modular Sideboard

FSC Ameriacan Black Walnut, Solid and Veneered on Birch Plywood, Toughened Glass doors.

Designed in the vein of classic midcentury modern modular shelving systems such as Poul Cadovious's Royal System from 1944 and Ron Heal's Ladderex system from 1964. This commission also comprised two wall mounted shelving units designed to fit into alcoves on the opposite wall of a lovely London Study room.

Key to this design is the intersection between the upright or supporting 'ladder' component and the horizontal shelving components. This required some accurate cutting and drilling to inset the threaded fixings for the bolt connections and detailing this nicely was key to it's overall look. I used chunky sections of Walnut to lip the shelves and cut 10mm radius's onto the leading edges to match the upright ladder components.

The toughened glass doors slide on 4mm grooves in the shelves.